Caldera & Solano Sucesores Cia Ltda - Trademarks
Trademarks – names, slogans, logos, designs and similar – are at stake more and more as part of the develope of globalized societies. Trademarks are the establishment of identity and media of connection your products and services with your client and potential client. A poor or inadequate protection of your rights can result in lost opportunities or eventual termination of your economic progress, in order to become and remain successful, identifying and legally protecting your company’s trademarks is an easy and profitable action to defend your competitive advantage.
Filing trademark applications Vigilance and renewal of our clients' registered trademarks Searching, recommendation and monitoring of registred trademarks Protecting your rights in the case of possible infringement and opposition proceedings. Coordinating trademark oppositions and cancellation proceedings.
Caldera & Solano Sucesores Cia Ltda - Patens
We put on the market an exclusive and highly acquainted service ranging from filing patent applications until monitoring and maintaining in force your rights. Because we are aware of your unique needs, we know that the patent protection is one of the best tools for safeguarding your singular, distinct and fruitful insights.
Requirements on the prosecution of national applications of patents, utility models, and industrial design.

Power of Attorney, duly legalized and authenticated by the Nicaraguan Consulate
Assignment, if the holder is not the inventor
Specification of Invention, containing the abstract, description, claims, and if it has formulas, drawings, graphics or images
Caldera & Solano Sucesores Cia Ltda - Copyright
We will be pleased to serve you with advice and support concerning questions relating to copyright issues in a wide variety of fields, from the protection of “works of literature, science and art” as important items of cultural value, but also to such critical business assets as software and databases, web sites, advertising materials, and architectural works.

Copyright protects your creativity optimizing your rights, and reducing infringement risk.

  • Fill out the form provided by ONDADX
  • Enclose two copies of your work
  • Pay the appropriate fee