Our scientific office combines in-depth experience with leading-edge insights and strategies to help you meet your goal of obtaining the records of health products, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fertilizer, food and beverages. Regardless of the issue, we help you to navigate this complex area and ensuring your continued success and compliance with legislation on these particularly industries, in response to competitive marketplace forces and governmental regulation, among other things.

Please see below a brief list of the requirements of obtaining the records of Health Products and Pharmaceuticals:
  • Generic and Trade name of the product
  • Name of the Manufacturer and Country, Representative and Distributor(s)
  • Number and Due Date of the Trademark Product granted by the IP Office of Nicaragua
  • Modality of Production
  • Pharmaceutical Evaluation
  • Power of Attorney duly authenticated and legalized by Nicaraguan Consulate
  • Document drawn up by the manufacturing´s laboratory(is) that authorize the pharmaceutical establishment for importing and distributing
  • Manufacturing´s Contract duly authenticated and legalized by Nicaraguan Consulate
  • Free Sale Certificate of the origin country original
  • Qualitative-Quantitative Formula complete signed by the responsable profressional
  • Quality Certificate of Raw Material and Finished Product
  • Manufacturing Method, Analytic Methodology and its validation, Stability Studies
  • Labels, Packaging and Samples
  • Therapeutics Monograph and Clinical Studie