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CALDERA SOLANO & ASOCIADOS have a depth knowledge of legal issues and intellectual property matters acquired of a strong heritage of 35 years in the marketplace. CALDERA SOLANO & ASOCIADOS have an extensive experience in a wide variety intellectual property transactions including trademark, patent, copyright, settlements and dispute resolution proceedings, the avoidance of third-party rights and due diligence as well as other services in the practice areas of law.

CALDERA SOLANO & ASOCIADOS realize that your future success will depend on how well your intellectual property law rights are protected and managed at present. Because CALDERA SOLANO & ASOCIADOS understand the strategic value that the outcome of any individual case or matter may put your company´s future, as well as your own, at stake. CALDERA SOLANO & ASOCIADOS facilitate to solve the intellectual property issues that arise, with efficient, practical solutions and competive advantage, as part as of a comprehensive strategy that looks for the most effective cost and efficient means to accomplish successful results.
CALDERA SOLANO & ASOCIADOS commit their skillfulness to your entity´s unique necessity, circumstances and aims. CALDERA SOLANO & ASOCIADOS want you to be confident in your decison to choose us.

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We understand that opting for legal counsel is a complex and often daunting task, but our experience has taught us the value of building strong, long-term personal relationship with our clients and professionally associated law firms. It is for that aim, we strive to create long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and respect, devote to learn our clients' business needs, objectives and products, and take the time to understand each client's particular circumstances and legal issues. We focus our talent and resources on results that work for our clients, providing creative solutions that make a difference. Our conviction is to be innovative and imaginative in the set of service standards of clients.